Counter Top Water Cooler and Purifier


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Free Standing Water Cooler and purifier

The ArcticChill 88 is a closed system Direct
Chill/Pressure Cooler which avoids bacterial
contamination of the water from the air.

  • High Capacity Chill

At 40 litres per hour with 120 cups immediate draw off, all below 12ºC (at an influent temperature of 16º C) the ArcticChill outperforms all conventional Water Coolers – Tank Fed or Direct Chill – and is ideal for sites where a large volumes of cold water is required in a short time.

  • FloodGuard

The ArcticChill 88 is fitted with the FloodGuard flood prevention device which stops any leak from a Mains Fed Cooler before it becomes a disaster! For everyone’s peace of mind!

Here is how it works. The water inlet is controlled by the FloodGuard Solenoid Inlet Valve. The Valve is normally closed and only opens to allow water into the Cooler to replace what is taken off when the dispensing button is pressed.

  • HygieneGuard

The push and hold Solenoid dispensing tap is fitted with a HygieneGuard tap cover. The silver impregnated tap cover is designed to prevent hand to tap bacterial contamination.

  • Drip Tray

Lift out design which can be connected to mains drainage, High impact durable plastic. Removable anti splash grid.

  • NEW Drip Tray Overflow System

A 3 litre Alarmed Overflow System which connects to the Drip Tray can be fitted to all floor standing units – as a means to increase the drip tray capacity.

  • Cabinet

The metal body parts consist of cold-rolled 20 gauge embossed steel with baked on acrylic finish. All internal water ways are metal to avoid deterioration and taste problems.

  • Cup Holder

Integrated Cup Holder for 7 and 9 oz cups.

  • Removable Lower Front Panel

Spring loaded lower front panel. Remove drip tray and simply press down to remove entire lower front panel for easy access.

  • Filters

Mains Connected (POU) Coolers should be fitted with a 1 micron nominal Carbon Block- or an even finer combined Ceramic and Carbon Block Filter.

  • Compressor & Refrigeration System

Stainless Steel, hermetically sealed 1.9 litre Direct Chill/ Pressure Tank, thermostatically controlled 5C – 7C. High volume/high performance, hermetically sealed Compressor, using R134a refrigerant.

  • Condensor

Floor Standing Cooler: Quiet, Static Condensor, Air Cooled Table Top Cooler: Quiet, Fan Assisted Condensor.

  • Power Supply

220 Volt, 50/60Hz. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm power cord.

  • Dimensions and Weight

Floor Standing: Height 1180mm Width 340mm Depth 340mm Weight 25kg

Table Top: Height 460mm Width 340mm Depth 340mm Weight 16kg