Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be much disruption when installing the water coolers?

A. No not at all. The pipe work used is very small indeed, the size of cable for TV. Care will be taken,

not to disrupt any work being carried out on site.

Q. How far can you run the pipe work?

A. Will run all pipe work from start to finish.

Q. How often do the water coolers need to be serviced?

A. Service is carried out every six months. The unit is sanitised both inside and outside. Filters are

changed at relevant intervals and any parts that need replacement.

Q. How does the water taste, is it as good as bottled?

A. The water from our coolers tastes perfect. The fact that the water is been filtered at the point of

use means you have great tasting fresh water at all times.

Q. How long should the water cooler last?

A. There is one year manufacturing warrantee with each cooler. However coolers last as long as

fridges. Some will last 6-7 years and more will last 10 +.

Q. How long are you in business?

A. Cool Springs has been in business since 2000.