Water Fountain

Model AA WFT 6

Push button operated Bubbler and Glass Filler Faucets


Water Fountain WFT6

Specification Sheet & Installation Instructions

The WFT6 Drinking Water Fountain has durable push button operated Bubbler and Glass Filler Faucets. It is connected to the  halfountainmains water supply. Installing a Carbon Block Filter removes the Chlorine taste and smell of mains water. The Water Fountain needs to be connected to a waste trap, via a flexible waste pipe. The WFT6 is not intended for outdoor use. Water Fountains should only be installed by a competent & trained technician. The connection to the water mains must comply with Water Regulations and the connection to the electricity supply must meet electrical requirements

  1. Allow 50mm clearance all round for proper Ventilation
  1. Mains water pressure: Min 1 bar, max 2.5 bar (Always install a Pressure reducing valve and Water Block)
  1. Turn water supply on and open Bubbler and Glass Filler to purge all air


  • Water Flow Control: Bubbler and Glass Filler are adjustable
  • Cabinet:  Polished Stainless Steel
  • Bracket: Wall Bracket available separately
  • Refrigeration System: Non toxic, non flammable R134a refrigerant
  • Cooling System & Cooling Capacity:  Direct Chill 26 litre per hour to 10C from incoming water temperature of 20C and a room temperature of 30C
  • Compressor & Condenser: 1/6 hp, power 190w. Fan assisted condenser. Side Vented
  • Power Supply: 220/240 Volt, 50 hz
  • Dimensions & Weight: Cabinet 1015mm H, 305mmW & D Weight 25.6kg Glass filler height 290mm