CS 1100

40 litres of Chilled Water Per Hour

Water Purifier and Cooler Free Standing

“No Need To Buy Water- Simply Purify Your Own”


  • Dimensions:340mm(w) X 330mm(D) X 1,000mm(H).
  • Weight:22kg.
  • Colour:Ivory with light blue face & drip tray.
  • Cooling System: Elec. Consumption 95w.Control thermostat performance 3-10 degrees C.Stainless steel 3.2 litre tank.Tank material SUS 304. Cooling device coil wire wound condenser wire and tube refrigeration R134a.Compressor type 1/11HP sealed type.
  • Water supply:Cold & Normal.
  • Water Volume:1.2 litres per min.
  • Features:Adjustable thermostat that controls accurate temperature.Noiseless circuit in compressor.Simple and Stylish LED display.Stylish design.Hybrid coated steels repel dust.Easy to clean.
  • Safety:Water Block that can be set to turn flow to water off after 1, 3 or 5 gallonshave passed through each machine has also received CE Electrical approval.Pipe work:Connection to rising main made with Stainless steelT piece and food gradepipe


  • Our filter removes undissolved particles such as dust,sand and rust from feed water and protects the membrane filter from being clogged
  • Reduces Chlorine Taste and Odour
  • Reduces sediment down to 0.2 micron.
  • Removes >99.99% of bacteria and Protozoane Cysts
  • Membrane filter is well suited to remove bacteria, clayparticle, suspended metal hydroxides, colloidal silica,and other suspended materials, however, the contain-ing minerals in water pass through UF-Membrane filterhaving a superior water purification capability.
  • Bacteria Growth inhibitor incorporated.